Sometimes, there is no substitute for a cool, fresh drink of water out of the faucet.  The Sink Drink for Cats makes it easier for kitties to get what they crave!  No more crawling in the sink or getting a face full of water.  The Sink Drink for Cats redirects the water from a faucet into a nicely sized bowl.  When the water is turned on, the 8-ounce bowl fills up with fresh water for your cat to drink in a natural, comfortable position.

The Sink Drink for Cats is much less expensive than bulky pet fountains and no plumbing is required.  You donít have to replace filters or find a place to plug it in.  And it's top-drawer dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Turns a faucet into a fountain for your cat!
Click here for an installation video!
Some happy Sink Drink for Cats users!
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Need a standard aerator?
We've found the perfect aerator for easy-on/easy-off!  The tapered sides make this one of the best aerators to use with the Sink Drink for Cats.  It is a Dual Thread standard aerator, meaning that it will fit a 15/16" male or 55/64" female thread connection on a faucet.

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